Protein in Cereal vs. Protein in Eggs

Protein in Cereal vs. Protein in Eggs

Protein in a cereal vs. protein in an egg – which protein source is better? The ad above asks the following question: “Can a cereal provide as much protein as an egg?” What do you think? Of course it can, I suppose anything is possible these days. Maybe not naturally – i.e., not as it is found in nature – but in addition to protein, Kashi GOLEAN also contains fiber, which means you do not need to use soluble fiber supplements in the morning or wheat bran, unless, of course, you like wheat bran. I do.

And yes, as it turns out, a cereal can provide more protein than an egg. Kashi GOLEAN, for example, contains anywhere from 9 to 13 grams of protein per serving vs. 6 grams of protein found in a typical egg. Having said that, if your goal is to consume a lot of lean protein for, say, breakfast without eating meat, fish or poultry, my personal preference would be to use egg whites. Why? Because, unlike cereal which contains sugar, egg whites are low in calories, and they do not contain any sugar, and you can use them to prepare many different breakfast dishes.

Want to increase your fiber consumption? No problem. Add some fiber to egg whites. I am not talking about fiber supplements, I am talking about making an egg whites omelet with spinach and one serving of wheat bran.

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