Princess Beatrice Fat

Princess Beatrice Fat

Is Princess Beatrice of York fat? Does she look to you very fit and healthy?

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, says the British press is being “very, very mean” about her daughter Beatrice’s curvy figure. For example, A Daily Mail columnist referred to her as a “pampered Miss Piggy.”

During an interview with BBC Radio, she said “I think her comment was ‘Will they be happy if I get anorexia because then they could write about that wouldn’t they?'” Oh, snap! But why go from one extreme to another? Princess Beatrice is fat! No, wait, Princes Beatrice is anorexic! How about something in the middle?

“She is a regular size 10,” Ferguson, 48, a Weight Watchers spokesperson, said of Beatrice, 19, who was photographed a few weeks ago in a bikini on St. Bart’s. “She is very fit and healthy,” says her mom. [sources: Telegraph, People]

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10 Responses to “Princess Beatrice Fat”

  1. Theda Says:

    She size 10????? BS, I’d say. She is nowhere NEAR size 10. She is atleast 14.

  2. Carrie Says:

    If she’d worn a better fitting bathing suit (honey, you’re too young for saggy boobs), there probably wouldn’t have been any comments made….

    I think she looks great. Not fat.

  3. Jessica Says:

    She’s not obese, but she could stand to lose a few pounds. A better fitting bathing suit would help too.

  4. lucylovett Says:

    Size 10????!!!! size 18 more like!

  5. stavros Says:

    she ain’t fat – unfortunately her wide hips don’t help, but otherwise she is probably a little overweight who cares? the kid is 19 and lives her life in a vacuum. who are we to judge?

  6. WATCHER Says:

    If she is a size 10, maybe she can tell the rest of us size 18’s where she buys her clothes.

  7. Jake Says:

    I think she’s pretty and I’m an American stud. I saw her on tv during the wedding. Do your thing girl!

  8. marsh Says:

    She’s not a size 18 for goodness sake. I was size 18 when pregnant plus i am now a size 12. She looks slightly bigger than myself! Nothing wrong with her figure, she is only 19 years old!

  9. Stella Says:

    She has monstrous wide hips and no way is she a size 10. I am a size 8 and I am half as big as her. She just suffers from poor fashion sense and lack of awareness of what to wear to keep her boobs contained. Poor thing. She’s not pretty either (big weird eyes and big pokey teeth). I think she needs a really really good stylist.

  10. Michelle Says:

    She’s a normal healthy weight! Women carry their fat tissue above their muscles, and this is healthy and normal. I bet she is even in a normal BMI (body mass index). Everyone is just used to seeing models and celebs that are either underweight or at the very bottom of the BMI. It is terrible that so many people are calling this healthy woman fat! Take a close look and appreciate what REAL women look like!

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