Primal Defense Probiotic: Does Primal Defense Probiotic Work?

primal defense probioticPrimal Defense Probiotic is a well-known supplement from Garden of Life family of products. It contains a blend of 12 microorganisms, also known as “gut friendly bacteria”, or “probiotics”.

Beneficial bacteria are a cornerstone of any probiotic supplement, but Primal Defense Probiotic claims to be different. It uses a proprietary blend of fermented whole foods that naturally contain multiple strains of probiotics.

A number of Colony Forming Units (CFU) in a probiotic product is an important factor, because it determines its potency. The recommended daily intake ranges from 1 billion to 50 billion units. Unfortunately, this product does not indicate CFU count.

I also did not find a customary “use by” date. It has an expiration date, but other manufactures state a “use by” date. It is an assurance, that a claimed CFU count of viable bacteria will be present in a product up until this date.

There are many kinds of potentially beneficial friendly flora. Some have been tested for their health benefits more extensively than the others have. More is not always better.

These microorganisms get pretty competitive against each other, and can reduce usefulness of other strains. To prevent this, a product should only include the most effective strains of bacteria.

Garden of Life claims that Poten-Zyme fermentation process makes Primal Defense Probiotic a unique product. It sure does. Is there any evidence that it is necessary?

Fermented milk is a natural environment for concentrated probiotic strains. It protects them from damage, and makes them available immediately at consumption.

There is little doubt that probiotics could be helpful for digestion, and overall intestinal health. They also support our immune system and compensate for adverse effects of antibiotics.

Is Primal Defense Probiotic a right supplement for you? Let me know what you think.

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  1. Patrick Sullivan Jr. Says:

    Thanks for stopping by to comment on the Pat Sullivan Blog last week. I came by to check out your blog and was interested to see this post considering my company Jigsaw Health, competes pretty against Garden of Life’s Probiotics.
    Actually, our Essential Blend Probiotics stack-up quite well, but I have an obvioius bias. :)

    Be interested to read other readers comments tho. used to have a really in-depth review of some shady things about Primal Defense and GOL, but the site is down for clean-up right now.

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