Powerlifting Workouts: Weight Loss

Powerlifting Workouts: Weight Loss

Do powerlifting workouts aid weight loss? Could powerlifting workouts be the solution to obesity? The theory that powerlifting workouts are great for weight loss has been around for a while, but giving the fact that most powerlifters are clinically obese look as if they are overweight, the theory that powerlifting workouts can help you lose weight has always had its fair share of skeptics.

But a recent study on obese mice seems to show that powerlifting workouts cause type-2 muscles to grow; this is the same kind of muscles you build from lifting heavy weights or doing short sprints. By the way, type-1 fibers in your muscle are activated by doing aerobic exercises.

According to this study, the rodents began losing weight almost immediately, despite the fact that their activity levels and their diets remained the same. Kenneth Walsh, Ph.D., author of this study, is not exactly sure why this was happening, but he speculates that type-II muscle fibers probably signal other muscle types in your body to speed-up metabolism and use more fat for energy.

Great, but does it mean that powerlifting workouts can help humans lose weight? We need more studies to see if the same or maybe even better results translate to humans, but I can tell you from my personal experience, that powerlifting workouts combined with a good diet can help you lose weight. [via Men’s Health]

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