Powerade Zero

Powerade Zero is all about the zero. The Powerade Zero drink contains a lot of zeros, which begs the following question: Why do you need Powerade Zero? I mean, if Powerade Zero is basically just water in a pretty bottle, can’t you simply drink regular water? Yes, you can, but it is not that simple.

It seems from the ad above that Powerade Zero wants to be diet-friendly. How else can we explain its emphasis on zero calories and zero fad diet? I am not sure what “zero fad diets” mean, but while this sports drink does not contain any calories, it contains more than just water. Specifically, it has been designed to supply your body with electrolytes that you lose during exercise.

When it comes to taste, however, I wish it was close to zero. In other words, a sports drink should have a neutral taste, but it does not. In addition, Powerade Zero does not contain healthy sugar substitutes. Unfortunately, it is sweetened with regular sugar substitutes, which makes it taste like a chemical waste of some sort.

Of course, just because I do not find it palatable does not mean that you will not like it either. Regardless of taste, why not make Powerade Zero with natural sugar substitutes that are actually good for us?

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