Policosanol: Side Effects and Cholesterol

Policosanol: Side Effects and CholesterolWhat is policosanol? It’s a derivative of sugarcane wax that claims to “reduce LDL cholesterol as effectively as statin drugs.” It’s also found in beeswax.

Does policosanol reduce cholesterol? A recent 12-week double-blind clinical trial of 143 people with high cholesterol found no change in LDL, total, or HDL cholesterol, compared with a dummy pill.

Almost all research showing positive effects was done by a single group of researchers from Cuba.

How It May Work: Unknown.

Policosanol’s Side Effects: No side effects are known at this time.

Cons: Those with dangerously high cholesterol levels might use it instead of an effective treatment.

Dose: None recommended

Bottom Line: Policosanol doesn’t work; if you have unhealthy LDL levels, talk to your doctor, pronto. [source: Prevention]

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