Pepto Bismal

Pepto Bismal

What is Pepto Bismal? I know, the correct spelling is Pepto Bismol, but I think it should be called Pepto Bismal? Why Pepto Bismal? Take a look at the picture above. Is that what we have come to – a medicine is being advertised as a desert? Do you really want to eat your ice cream covered with some chemical-looking pink goo even if it sports a cherry on top? Is that supposed to make Pepto Bismal appetizing or something? The ad for Pepto Bismal says the following:

“Relief with a cherry on top. Cherry Pepto-Bismol covers your taste for adventure. For trusted relief of nausea, heartburn, upset stomach and diarrhea. Yup, you’re covered.”

Kool-Aid pickles or deep-fried Coke is what I would call a taste for adventure, but his stuff is just dismal. Oh, I get it now, it should not be called Pepto-Bismal or Pepto-Bimsol – the most suitable name for this stuff is Pepto-Dismal.

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