Pauly Shore Shirtless

Pauly Shore Shirtless

Pauly Shore shirtless – scary or hot? Should Pauly Shore shirtless be, well, shirtless? I think Pauly Shore shirtless looks pretty bad. I love the guy, he is hilarious, but come on, he needs to start munching on healthy salads and fat-burning foods as soon as possible. The only good news I can come up with is that a shirtless Pauly Shore sports pretty good legs.

His midsection, however, looks atrocious. In addition to belly fat, he seems to be bloated. His entire upper body needs a lot of serious work. Specifically, Shore’s arms and chest can benefit from weight lifting exercises. Oh, and there is one more thing – what is going on with that barely there bathing suit?

What say you – Pauly Shore shirtless – does he need to lose weight and get in shape or do you love the way he looks now? [source: Star]

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