Paul Walker Shirtless

What does Paul Walker do to stay in shape? Does he spend a lot of time at the gym?

“Paul is more of an outdoor, extreme sports guy who keeps in shape by doing things rather than by going to a gym,” the actor’s Into the Blue trainer, Karl List of Gold’s Gym in L.A.’s Venice area, tells Us Weekly.

One weight the single star, 32, regularly lifts: his 7-year-old daughter, Meadow. Looking at that shirtless picture of Paul Walker, I find that a little hard to believe.

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7 Responses to “Paul Walker Shirtless”

  1. Ryan Says:

    That guy’s almost a walking skeleton. Now, being a student of body illusion, let me tell you what’s going on here. His arms and shoulders look somewhat big. His traps look pretty big too. The reason is not because they are, but because the rest of his torso is so underdeveloped. No chest, no lats, no abs to speak of. He has very slight development in his arms, shoulders, and traps, consistent with, well, picking up a child. A 7-year-old is reasonably heavy. If I were to guess his arm circumference, I’d say less than 14″, 15″ tops.

  2. max Says:

    hmmm sexy i wish i can have a piece of that… forget that i want the whole thing.

  3. iso Says:

    eh ryan, i think yuo’re a bit jealous there

  4. Maher23 Says:

    Superb…………i wish to be atleast 50% in that……..

  5. john Says:

    hey … RYAN: he weights round 180 actually… but u dont need to be a huge dude to be attractive first… he has a really good shape, athletic and all…. i think it is a respectable shape in short..

  6. amanda Says:

    i think he goes to the gum every day.
    i still think he HOT!

  7. Vicky Says:

    Agree with Ryan… Heavy shoulders & traps makes him attractive… Rest of the body is above average…

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