Patrick Stump Weight Loss

Patrick Stump Weight Loss

Patrick Stump‘s weight loss is awesome. Can Patrick Stump’s weight loss help you lose weight? Can Patrick Stump’s weight loss inspire you to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks? Maybe it can, maybe it cannot. The important thing here is that he has managed to lose a lot of weight without clenbuterol or any other stupid tricks that celebrities often use to lose a lot of weight quickly.

What has motivated Stump to lose weight? In short, his health. He had asthma and was borderline diabetic. How much weight has he lost? He has lost 60 pounds, which, given the fact that he did it on his own, is rather impressive. Side note: If you need to lose the same amount of weight and do not know how to do it, read the following posts: How to lose 50 pounds and How to lose 60 pounds.

Speaking of losing 50 or 60 pounds, if you think it is a lot of weight to lose, think again. Okay, I am not going to deny that 60 pounds of weight loss is a lot, and yes, losing 60 pounds is harder and takes longer than losing, say, 10 pounds, but more and more celebrities lately are dropping some major weight. I am talking about 100 pounds or more. So be thankful that you do not need to lose 100 pounds. [source: Us]

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