Paris Hilton Diet Plan

Paris Hilton Diet Plan

Paris Hilton‘s diet plan – hot or not? Does Paris Hilton’s diet plan include any of the 10 foods for weight loss? Can you use Paris Hilton’s diet plan to lose any amount of weight without using regular clenbutrol, which is less dangerous than the latest Hollywood’s weight-loss craze, i.e., liquid clenbuterol? It goes without saying that Hilton does not need to use anything to lose weight. She looks great and seems to know enough about dieting to lose weight by adjusting what she eats.

You can probably use Paris Hilton’s diet plan to lose weight. How much weight can you expect to lose by following her plan? I have no idea; there are too many individual variables involved to predict something like this, but if you think it is doable to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, it just not going to happen, regardless of which diet and exercise program you choose to follow.

Keeping in mind what we have heard in the past about Paris Hilton’s workout and diet, her current diet plan is a huge improvement. It is still far from being perfect, but because it is moderate in calories, it is not a bad plan to follow if your goal is to lose weight. So what does she eat?

Breakfast (about 415 calories) A turkey sandwich when she is in a hurry. On most days she likes to eat a big breakfast.

Lunch (about 480 calories) A salad with some protein and cheese.

Snack (about 315 calories) Fruit or Rice Krispie Treats.

Dinner (about 440 calories) Chicken burrito from Chipotle.

Total Calories: about 1,650 daily calories. [source: OK!]

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