Organix Shampoo: Pomegranate Green Tea

Organix Shampoo: Pomegranate Green Tea

The ad for Organix’s shampoo (Pomegranate Green Tea), says the following:

“Organix beauty pure and simple. Revitalizing pomegranate green tea shampoo. Revitalize your senses with sensual and exotic antioxidant rich organic pomegranate extracts and green tea which helps target dry follicles to create a clean and rejuvenating experience, adding a brilliant and luminescent shine.”

I thought we should eat pomegranate and drink green tea. What are they doing in a shampoo? Actually, the beginning of the third sentence does sounds like an ad for a new beverage. I doubt a mix of pomegranate and green tea would taste good without a ton of sugar, but the point is that the whole thing sounds confusing.

And what is so exotic about antioxidants in pomegranate and green tea? They are just antioxidants; they are not really different from antioxidants in, say, carrots or apples. Wise up, Organix!

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