Olivia Newton-John: Plastic Surgery

Olivia Newton-John: Plastic SurgeryOlivia Newton-John has had plastic surgery. In fact, one expert seems to think that she has had extensive plastic surgery, according to The ENQUIRER. Here is what they report:

“What happened to Olivia Newton-John?” wondered New York City cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek when he viewed recent photos of the singer.

The 58-year-old star stunned viewers when she made a guest appearance on the hit NBC show “Grease: You’re the One That I Want.” She also appeared as a celebrity judge on “American Idol.”

Dr. Fallek believes Olivia – who starred opposite John Travolta in the 1978 “Grease” – has had extensive cosmetic surgery. The surgeon, who has not examined or treated Olivia, says that the dramatic photos reveal she’s had her face restructured.

“It looks like she’s had a full face-lift because her eyebrows and cheeks are much higher than before,” says Dr. Fallek. “That costs about $15,000. She’s also had both upper and lower eyelids done at a cost of around $5,000.

She may have also had a brow lift because her forehead is unnaturally smooth. That’s about $6,000 to $8,000.” What’s more, Olivia appears to have been treated with lots of filler “like Sculptra or Restylane, injected into her cheeks to make them fuller,” added former New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Bruce Nadler.

Dr. Nadler, who hasn’t treated Newton-John, notes that her skin looks as if she’s recently had a procedure called microdermabrasion. “It appears she’s had extensive exfoliation, like sanding her skin to give it that shiny, rosy look.

Some of the fullness may be from swelling if the procedure has been done recently. She’s also had filler injected into her lips.” In the past, Olivia has denied chiseling away the years. As recently as 2005, Olivia insisted, “I haven’t had plastic surgery yet, though I would never say never.”

Dr. Fallek says it’s a shame that Newton-John apparently decided on the nip and tuck. “I think she looked much more beautiful before the work. She looked natural and lovely for her age.”

Fallek adds that with today’s less invasive plastic surgery procedures and the proper makeup, any scarring or bruising would be minimal. “It used to take weeks to heal, but now patients can look pretty normal after a few days. Makeup could cover any remaining bruises or telltale marks.” [via]

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