NV: Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pill

I’m struggling to lose weight and I’m considering taking NV weight loss beauty pill, hoping it will help me lose weight faster. Does it work? I’ve heard Carmen Electra is using it to keep her weight down. Thanks. Jenn. – via Ask Questions.

NV Rapid Weight Loss Diet PillI think Carmen Electra endorses NV. I do not know if she is actually taking it. Maybe she has to, if it is in her contract with NV, but I doubt it.

Does it work? NV claims to be “the first rapid weight-loss beauty pill”, which makes me immediately suspicious – – rapid weight-loss and beauty in one pill? The ‘beauty complex’ contains Collagen, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Silica, Biotin and Coenzyme Q10.

I am not a beauty expert, but the fact is – in its entirety, the so-called ‘beauty complex’ is only 11 mg, which is a laughable amount.

The usual dose for Coenzyme Q10 alone is 200-400 mg a day. In the absence of any medical problems, a minimum daily Alpha Lipoic Acid dosage ranges from 100 to 300 mg – – 11 mg for all five ingredients is just meaningless.

The ‘energy complex’ contains Taurine, Panax Ginseng Extract and Rhodiola Rosea Extract – – these ingredients are often found in energy drinks, but again, 22 mg is a very small amount. For instance, Red Bull contains 1000 mg of taurine.

Now we get to the good stuff – the ‘weight-loss complex’ consists of standardized Green Tea Extract, Theobromine and Hoodia Gordonii.

Lately, Hoodia has been in the news a lot – no, not because it seems to be an effective appetite suppressant, rather, it was reported that up to 80 percent of the Hoodia Gordonii supplements sold in U.S. do not actually contain Hoodia.

If NV diet pill contains authentic Hoodia, it may help suppress your appetite. As for Greet Tea, in my opinion, its “fat-burning” properties are a bit over-hyped.

I do not know if NV diet pill works. I do know, however, that you cannot take a pill and expect to lose weight. Maybe if you take NV diet pill, it will suppress your appetite, which could be helpful, but to lose weight permanently you need to learn good eating habits.

The best way to lose weight is to figure out what led you to gain weight in the first place. Once you know that, if you follow a good diet and exercise, your chances of not only losing weight, but losing weight permanently, would increase tremendously.

Update: Due to a fair amount of emails I have been receiving lately asking to recommend a good diet – if you do not know what diet to follow – for a permanent and healthy weight loss – I would recommend Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program.

It is not a fad diet, but it is a complete program, which is easy to understand. It does not force you into a specific diet – rather, it is designed to give you nutrition and exercise knowledge, which you can use at your own pace to lose fat and/or build muscle.

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12 Responses to “NV: Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pill”

  1. Jenn Says:

    NV pill seems like a waste of money. Thank you so much for this review and answering my question.

  2. Vik Says:

    I took NV for 3 weeks and lost 5 pounds.

  3. Carolyn Says:

    I took NV for 3 weeks and lost 5 pounds. Its definately is not something you would want to rely on to make a permenant change, but it did help me to drop those pesky few pounds, and now I’m walking and drinking plenty of water – so it should stay off.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I’ve been taking nv for 2 weeks and with diet and working out i’ve lost 10lbs…its not a miricle drug but it does help. I’m on a 1500 cal a day diet and b4 NV I was hungry all the time..now i’m never hungry

  5. Maria Says:

    I took NV for a while and lost weight. I had acutally dropped about 20 lbs before starting to take NV and it helped me drop the rest of the weight, however, I had intensified my workout routine at that point to. I injured my knee last September, so I cycle back on it to keep the weight down when I can’t do as intense of a workout program and I’ve found it to be effective. But i do eat a high protein, low fat diet and hit the gym about 6 days a week. Nothing is a miracle pill. It can help a little bit, but it’s really up to you! you have to hit the gym and work out, eat healthy. check out men’s health “abs power diet”

  6. Melissa Says:

    I have been taking NV and so far i have lost a little over 40 pounds…Good stuff…Doe’s not make me nervous…….

  7. Mami Says:

    I just bought them, been taking it for 2 days and I have dropped 9 pounds, I know it is a lot but it is the truth, most water weight that I know, but still. I supresses my appetite a great deal, gives me lots of energy, and the green tea in it is actually doing its part, since I’ve been doing #2 very nicely (sorry for the detail) lol good to all. This is a great product, plus it helps your hair, nails, and skin. let’s see how goes from now on. I started at 193 lbs Im now at 184 lbs. My goal is 125 so I have a long way to go. I know that with NV I will reach it soon!!!!!

  8. Shalonda Says:

    I’ve been taking NV for 1 week and have lost 3 lbs.

  9. Dawn Says:

    I started taking it because I heard it helped hair. I have never had hair longer than reaching my collar, even though I’ve tried everything. I never for 1 minute believed NV would help with losing weight, but I can attest to the fact that my hair is longer and healthier than it’s ever been. I have been taking it for 1.5 years now – and only 1 pill per day! My hair is now not quite to the middle of my back. Everytime I go to the salon she remarks about how much healthier my hair is. So, NV does have some sort of redeeming value. At least for me.

  10. Alissa Says:

    I have been taking NV since thurs (today is Monday) and I am actually gaining weight!!?? I feel energized for the most part and I am eating a bit less & moderately exercising, but how does this pill make you gain weight??!! I will give it a few more day but then it’s going in the garbage!

  11. Megan Says:

    I started taking NV summer of 07, and with a strict diet and cardio lost 25 lbs in 3 months. I had no shaky nonsense going on. And although it doesnt seem to be on the shelves anymore, I just ordered 2 more bottles online to give it another try.

  12. Kaila Says:

    Just started taking it today and i do have more potential and energy with it. I went to the gym today and did more than i ever have. hopefully it works.

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