Nicole Scherzinger Weight Loss

Nicole Scherzinger Weight Loss

Nicole Scherzinger‘s weight loss is as disappointing as the Jessica Simpson’s weight loss. Has somebody called her fat or something? What is wrong with Nicole Scherzinger’s weight loss? Everything!

First of all, she has never been overweight. Second, well, look at her. She is perfect. Why would she want to lose those delicious curves? It is just crazy. Third, she claims that she has gained a few pounds recently, but so what? It is unrealistic to maintain an exact weight all the time. Our weight constantly fluctuates, it is completely normal.

Nicole Scherzinger’s weight loss plan The funny thing about Nicole Scherzinger’s weight loss has to do with her claim that she is not really trying to lose weight. The whole thing is confusing because there are rumors out there that she has gained 15 pounds, which she seems to deny, yet, she does not deny losing weight recently, she basically claims that she is not making a conscious effort to diet in order to lose weight.

Assuming she has not gained 15 pounds, and assuming she is telling the truth about not really dieting to lose weight, I am not sure her story makes a lot of sense. In any case, I think Nicole Scherzinger’s weight loss is an example of what not to do. Girls with curves should be proud of them, losing the curves is easy, but it makes conformist and ultimately unattractive. [source: In Touch]

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