Nicole Richie DUI Arrest

Nicole Richie DUI Arrest

Just when we thought Nicole Richie was well on her way to gain more weight and her diet was improving, she managed to get arrested for DUI.

Apparently, her car was going the wrong way on the freeway. It is unclear if at the time of the rest she was driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to media reports, Richie has admitted to taking prescription pain medication (Vicodin) and smoking marijuana before her arrest. It is known that marijuana increases appetite, but it does not always work.

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In Nicole Richie’s case, despite previous reports that she has gained 5 to 10 pounds, “she was listed as being 5-foot-1 and 85 pounds.”

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And please, try not to smoke pot and take Vicodin prior to operating heavy machinery.

**Update 12/13/2006** According to Us Weekly, Nicole Richie took Vicodin to “treat menstruation cramps.” Apparently, the cops are wrong about her weight. She claims to be around 95 pounds.

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