Nicole Richie: Diet and Workout

Nicole Richie: Diet and WorkoutNicole Richie’s Diet According to In Touch, although Richie sought treatment for her weight issues in the past, now she is making smart food choices and credits boyfriend Joel Madden with teaching her to enjoy food again.

“He’s a positive influence on her life,” says a friend. These days, Nicole takes in about 1,800 calories a day, and she has swapped her fast-food diet for cereal with soy milk, salads and vegetables. “Nicole learned how to be creative in the kitchen,” says her pal.

Nicole Richie’s Workout However, according to Star, Nicole Richie is still very skinny and still losing weight.

An intense new fitness plan is to blame for Nicole’s plummeting weight, says the source, “She’s working out too much and not eating enough. You tell her she’s too thin again, and Nicole says ‘I’m fine.’ But she doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her!”

No wonder, considering that “she’s working out about an hour a day on the stationary bike and elliptical machine, plus she’s lifting weights,” says the source, who adds that Nicole hasn’t upped her food intake accordingly. “She’s working with a trainer, but the trainer can’t force food down her throat!”

Nicole may be putting herself in danger, West Hollywood-based nutritionist Meredith Holden tells Star, after reviewing recent pictures of Nicole. “She seems to be at an unhealthy weight, and before this becomes an even more serious matter, she should seek medical attention!”

So while Nicole is smart to work out with a fitness trainer, Holden says, she’s risking her health by ignoring other important precautions.

“She should also be working with a nutritionist to make sure she is getting the daily number of calories she needs. And she must deal with the emotions behind not wanting to be a normal, healthy weight.”

Sound advice – but it seems doubtful that Nicole will take it. “She doesn’t see herself as too thin. She thinks she looks good!” says an insider, who adds that Nicole’s pals are now coaxing her to eat. [sources: Star, In Touch]

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