Nicole Richie: Clenbuterol and Diet Pills

Nicole Richie: Clenbuterol and Diet PillsYou have heard the rumors that Rachel Zoe gave Nicole Richie clenbuterol and other diet pills to lose weight.

But are these rumors actually true? The short answer is no! In an exclusive cover story (Drugs!), In Touch reports the following:

Since LA Times ran a story in 2005 blaming Rachel for “single-handedly bringing anorexia back,” speculations has swirled that the size-0 fashion expert has not only encouraged her clients to be as waif-like as she is, but also supplied them with a dangerous weapon to stay slim: drugs.

Nicole, a recovering heroin addict, “was not so skinny when she first hired Rachel,” a pal says. “The longer she worked with Rachel, the thinner Nicole became.”

“None of this is true,” Rachel tells In Touch. And insiders say that Nicole could have slimmed down independently of Rachel because she may have been prescribed Adderall – a medication usually administered to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Rumors have persisted that Rachel’s clients also take clenbuterol, a potentially lethal steroid meant to treat asthma in horses – but which burns fat and increases muscle in humans.

However, Rachel considers the buzz ridiculous. “Anything that says the words ‘diet pill‘ isn’t good. No one I know takes it,” Rachel told In Touch last year. “I certainly would never touch it. I can barely take Tylenol.”

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  1. lungya Says:

    how do i loose weight fast?

  2. aqualine Says:

    They say every rumour has a grain of truth! Does anyone know the real story with Rachel Zoe? She seems so wired so to speak……

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