Nicki Minaj Fat

Nicki Minaj Fat

Is Nicki Minaj fat? Is Nicki Minaj fat or is she overweight? Is Nicki Minaj fat or is she obese? Given what has been alleged about Nicki Minaj’s weight, I can totally see why some people would call her fat. But is she really fat? I do not think she is fat or obese. That having been said, she is probably overweight. Now, overweight is a relative term. Just how overweight is she? If we compare her weight to the Adele’s weight, for example, all of a sudden she is not overweight.

In fact, some might argue that compared to Adele, she is rather skinny. Even if she is not technically skinny, compared to Adele and other overweight female celebrities, she looks fit and in a pretty good shape. Speaking of shape, while in my opinion, Minaj is overweight, she is shapely. She has real curves and she does not hide them. But regardless of whether or not Minaj is fat or not, the question is: Does she need to lose at least some weight as soon as possible?

Is it reasonable to expect that within a relatively short period of time, she will lose 10 pounds? In other words, can she lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks? Can she lose 10 pounds even faster? Can she lose 10 pounds in less than 5 days? I have no idea, but I know this. Even if she can lose weight very quickly, it is not a good idea to do so. Why not? Because weight loss is a process that takes time. Studies show that those who lose weight too quickly, usually end up gaining the lost weight back. [source: Us Weekly]

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