Natural Sugar Substitutes

Natural Sugar SubstitutesSure, you’d like to give up sugar. And we’ve been suggesting you do so for some time. After all, frequent consumption raises blood sugar, which signals your body to store fat and over time can boost your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

But what’s a better alternative? To answer that question, four promising all-natural sugar substitutes have been tasted and rated. Remember, though, our favorite natural sweetener is fresh fruit. It won’t help sweeten your coffee, but it does wonders for sugar-free cereal.

Natural Sugar Substitute: Oligofructose

Brand name: Sweet Perfection

What is it? A sweet fiber extracted from chicory root.

How does it taste? Like cotton candy.

Nutrition facts: It’s 100 percent fiber, so it doesn’t raise blood sugar, and you don’t absorb the calories.

The bottom line: Great product but it does not taste as real sugar. To be continued… [source: Men’s Health]

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