Mypressi TWIST Espresso

Mypressi TWIST Espresso

The mypressi TWIST is an awful idea. In fact, the mypressi TWIST is an insult to espresso lovers around the world. That was my initial knee-jerk reaction to this portable espresso maker, which my friend – who cannot get through a day without at least four equally timed espresso shots, yes she is proudly addicted to caffeine – thought would be a perfect gift for me when the product is released sometime this fall.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how useful and cool the mypressi TWIST really is. Granted, espresso purists will never accept something like the mypressi TWIST. From their narrow-minded perspective, the mypressi TWIST represents everything that that is supposedly wrong with drinking espresso on the go or not spending a considerable amount of time obsessing about proper steps that must be taken to prepare a perfect cup of espresso.

But when it comes to getting my caffeine fix, I do not care about perfection – it is subjective and unattainable anyway, which is why I love the convenience of Starbucks. All I care about is having access to a reasonably good espresso, especially when I need it the most, and that is where the mypressi TWIST shines. It is very portable and easy to use.

When do I need my caffeine fix the most? Since caffeine in its natural form provides a nearly perfect pre-workout energy boost, I am talking about the time when I am at the gym.

With the mypressi TWIST, I can have a great espresso shot (with crema and all) as soon as I get to my gym, which is very convenient and satisfying. And get this, the gadget has no need for external power (it uses a gas cartridge) and weighs in at only one pound. Did I mention that it is very portable and easy to use? It is. [Image via]

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