Mischa Barton Weight Gain

Mischa Barton Weight Gain

Continued from Mischa Barton Is Fat. What did Mischa Barton do after people called her fat? Instead of letting the brouhaha over her apparent weight gain beat her down, Mischa decided to strike back. I am not sure if it worked to her advantage, but that same day she threw on a bikini and hit the beach in Malibu.

She seemed genuinely happy, too, despite all the nasty fat remarks. So has Mischa Barton gained weight? Maybe she did, maybe she did not. But she certainly does not look toned in that bikini picture. [source: Life & Style]

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11 Responses to “Mischa Barton Weight Gain”

  1. Anais Says:

    Why does everyone have to pick on celebrities when they gain weight/lose weight? If you haven’t realized Mischa Barton used to be EXTREMELY thin, so what if she gained some weight?! She’s hardly fat and if you compared her body to most other women her age she would still be considered thinner than most.

    I’m not a huge fan of Mischa or anything, these sort of comments sort of just irritate me. Get over yourself already.

  2. Jackie Says:

    I agree. If celebrities are really skinny, everyone calls them annorexic or something.. they pick on them either way. It’s rediculous. Comments like that irritate me as well, so I thought I’d reply to this.. haha.

  3. Liv Says:

    She’s not fat !!!
    What is wrong with people ?

  4. anna Says:

    I really think she has an amazing body!

  5. Bill Says:

    She looks hot. And I never thought she looked hot before.

  6. angie Says:

    she’s practically obese – i’m surprised she was able to lift herself up to go to the beach at all!

    please – she’s still really skinny. maybe she could afford to tone up at the gym, but honestly who couldn’t?

  7. sian Says:

    omgggg seirously fat?
    shut up, are you joking?
    shes still skinny, she looks lovely.
    you probablly just jealous. aha

  8. sienna dane Says:

    i think she’s okay.. the previous body was better though… i just don’t get it why people makin’ a big deal out of it, i mean, when she’s too thin, people talk… now she’s fine, got a normal body weight, people still freak out!!! c’mon, leave her alone…

  9. sheila Says:

    I understand that Hollywood has their (ridiculous) expectations for weight and appearance, but in real life Mischa is probably healthier now than she was before. Her BMI was probably considered underweight when she was on the OC. I know some people have a high metabolism and are just thin naturally but in this industry you have to look that way or you’ll have a harder time being appreciated. Quite frankly, Mischa looks great. I’m starting to understand why Hollywood considers stick figures to be “killer bodies”. They literally look like they try to kill themselves through starvation.

  10. Kadence Says:

    Leave her alone. When she was thinner, it was obvious that, that was just how she was built. Believe it, or not, some people are just made to be as thin, as she was. She probably gained weight, because she was being called anorexic. And, now that she’s got the body fat index of a semi-average person, she’s being called fat. What’s with the obsession? If people really want to critique something, at least let it be her talent. She is an actress, after all.

  11. pissed Says:

    omg, are you kidding me? She looks great in this photo. I would even call her slim. She was skin and bones before.

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