Mischa Barton Gained Weight

Mischa Barton Gained Weight

Has Mischa Barton gained weight? I would not say that Mischa Barton is fat, but it seems to me that Mischa Barton gained weight. How much weight has Mischa Barton gained? I do not have an exact number at this time, not a credible one any way, but I would estimate her current weight at more than 150 pounds. For more info on Barton’s weight gain, read the Mischa Barton’s Weight Gain post.

And you know what? Before Mischa Barton gained weight, she looked scary skinny and sickly, now she looks happy. Of course, a number of sources claim that her eating habits are completely out of control, and that one of the reasons she has gained weight has to do with her alleged over-consumption of alcohol.

I do not know if any of that is actually true, but does it really matter? That expression on her face does matter. She might have a double chin, and she could be tipping the scale at over 150 pounds, but if she is still healthy and happy, we should be supportive. Let’s just hope Mischa does not balloon to 200 pounds or something. [source: Star]

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