Mischa Barton Fat Picture

Mischa Barton Fat Picture

Oh, no, the new “she is fat” drama has hit Hollywood.

Mischa Barton is fat!

The outfit that started the talk? You are looking at it. Online message boards went crazy (which included the above quotes, see the picture) after Mischa stepped out in LA wearing pink leggings. So, is Mischa Barton fat or was she photographed from a bad angle?

I think she has gained some weight, but I doubt she is overweight. Her friend says, “She may have gained a few pounds, but she actually thinks she looks better this way and feels great about her body. She is absolutely not fat.”

However, Mischa says, “I never had a workout regime, but I have hired a personal trainer because I feel my energy level is better when I work out.”

“She knows that in this town, if you are not anorexic, someone is bound to call you overweight. She does not put any stock in it and thinks it is sad that some girls in Hollywood are starving themselves to get as skinny as possible,” says another friend.

An insider claims, “She is in the process of getting in shape and will no doubt look phenomenal when it’s all over.” “She’s been doing a lot of Pilates, and she’s trying to work out every day if she can. When May or June rolls around, she’ll have a killer body,” says an insider.

Despite all the denials something smells fishy. If Mischa really feels good about her body, why would she need to get in shape? [source: Life & Style]

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5 Responses to “Mischa Barton Fat Picture”

  1. Hannah Says:

    oh yeah so fat. she must be a size 8 (uk) at least. what a load of trollop, she is gorgeous. Okay the sweatpants weren’t the best choice but i doubt she is even anywhere near midway to a fat BMI and that is all that matters.

  2. Melissa Says:

    For God’s sake, can we get over the anorexic skinny look invented by androgynous gay fashion designers who want women to look like boys? BORING and sexually bankrupt! Real women have boobs and hips, Meeoowwww.

  3. deirdre Says:

    honestly, im sick of women trying to defend “natural” or “healthy” women by equating them with having boobs and hips. NOT ALL NATURAL AND HEALTHY WOMEN HAVE BIG BOOBS AND HIPS! it’s just as bad to claim that a voluptuous figure is real and proud as it is to attack the anorexic look. unfortunately, not everyone gains weight in the areas guys like to bury their faces in.

  4. akeei X Says:

    Come on guys. she actually looks like a young woman now. before the anorexia made her look like an old swiveled up woman. I could not find any signs of youth in her face. Now she actually looks fresh. Another young woman that should take note is Nicole Richie. These women don’t seem to see just how much the “no eating” makes them look really old. Congrats Mischa,keep it up. if U want to keep fit now, that’s fine, but please don’t go back to starving yourself.

  5. Phelicity Says:

    size 8 is fat? Gosh I’m size 12… I must be obese or something! Thanks again Hollywood for telling me that food is optional and women are supposed to be exercise slaves to look good.

    Mischa is still probably underweight by the BMI…

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