Mischa Barton Cellulite Is Cellulicious

Mischa Barton Cellulite Is Cellulicious

She is only 22 years old, but Mischa Barton‘s cellulite is out of control. Surprised? Do not be, according to Barton every woman has cellulite. Is that really true? Does Mischa Barton’s cellulite equal that of, say, Madonna‘s? I bet Madonna does not have cellulite or if she does, it is not really visible. Forget Madonna, I have met plenty of women who do not have cellulite, yes I check for that kind of thing every woman I meet, just kidding.

So how does Mischa fight against those cottage cheese in the bikini photos? rather unflattering bikini pics? She does an interview in which she responds to the negative talk about her body. Here is that “Mischa Barton’s cellulite strikes back” interview.

Are you self-conscious about your body? I’m not. I eat healthy. I work out. Everybody has things that they don’t like. I feel very comfortable. I come from a European family that’s always very comfortable with their bodies. You are what you are as a woman.

Do you stress about your weight or what’s written about you? If I’m in shape and fulfilling my role as an actress, then that’s all that matters to me. There’s been lots of nasty gossip written about me. If I was to cry over every single thing, I’d be the most depressed person ever. Trust me, there have been some low points in my life where I got really depressed about it, but in general, I find it’s smarter to not get depressed and not to feed into it.

Every woman has cellulite. How do you feel about the photos that highlighted yours? Every woman does have cellulite! I just feel like the photographers try to get the most unflattering shots. I’ve never claimed to have a perfect body, but it is what it is.

How often do you work out? It depends on if I’m traveling. I usually work out every other day. When I’m traveling, I usually hit the hotel gym. I love Pilates, but my favorite Pilates studio is in L.A. So when I’m not in L.A., I do it less. I love the Pilates Reformer. It’s the best workout ever. You don’t even feel like you’re working out.

Can you describe what your diet is like? I eat pretty much everything. My boyfriend is a pescatarian [someone who eats fish, but not any other kind of meat], but I go through phases. Right now, I just eat good foods, but I also have my junk-food moments. For the most part, I just eat healthy.

What size are you? I’m a size 4. I always have been. My weight doesn’t go up or down more than five to 10 pounds. I’m 5 feet, 9 inches, so it shows a little bit. I have hips and boobs so it goes straight there, which I don’t mind because it gives me curves. I get a womanly body. But otherwise, if I’m being really skinny, eating less and working out more, I get more of a boyish figure.

What do you want to say to your fans about body image? I think that as long as you treat your body well and are happy with who you are, then that’s great. You shouldn’t care what other people say. I know that’s difficult, but it’s important.

I used to get, “Are you anorexic?” and now I get, “Wow, you look too healthy – you’re putting on weight.” It’s just too much to care about what other people think. It’s exhausting. I don’t change anything I do for other people’s opinions. It’s just the way I live my life. [via]

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