Miranda Lambert Weight Loss

Miranda Lambert Weight Loss

Miranda Lambert‘s weight loss is not surprising. Why not? Because Miranda Lambert’s weight loss is the result of her dieting effort. If you want to know more about her diet and workout, read the following posts: Miranda Lambert’s Diet and Miranda Lambert’s Workout. How much weight has Lambert lost thus far? I do not know how many pounds she has lost for sure, but she is down to a size 6.

I would estimate Miranda Lambert’s weight loss to be around 15 pounds. Not surprisingly, she has figured out that to lose weight she needs to consume fewer carbohydrates and exercise more. She has not eaten simple carbohydrates in 30 days, and she exercises with her personal trainer.

But perhaps the most important thing here is this: it does not matter how many pounds she has lost, what matters is her realization that yo-yo dieting and crash diets do not work. She basically said that it is all about making it a lifestyle instead of just dieting to lose a few pounds here and there. I completely agree. [source: In Touch]

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