Miranda Lambert: Diet

Miranda Lambert: Diet

In a recent interview, Miranda Lambert has answered questions about her diet and how she feels about her body.

How do you feel about your body? I’ve come to the realization that no matter how skinny I am, I’ll never be a size two. It’s just not my body. I’ve accepted the way I look, and if I feel good, that’s all I care about. I just want to be happy and healthy.

Do you watch your diet while on tour? It’s hard, but I have a routine. Most days I eat salads. I’ve had a trainer on the road with me who helped change my eating habits. I used to eat badly, so it’s great to have him around.

Do you still eat badly sometimes? Once when I was hung over, [my trainer] caught me eating a hot dog and Cheetos. I had to pay for it in sprints later – it was not pretty. [source: OK!]

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