Mindy Kaling Weight

Mindy Kaling Weight

Mindy Kaling‘s weight – healthy or not? Is Mindy Kaling’s weight increasing? Is Mindy Kaling’s weight going down? Is Mindy Kaling’s weight completely out of control? There is certainly no shortage of opinions about Mindy Kaling’s weight. Some say that she is overweight. Others claim that she is not really overweight, she is just chubby. And yet others seem to think that her weight is about average for a modern woman.

What do I personally think about her weight? Let’s put it this way: I do not think she looks like a fitness model. She is sort of shapeless and seems to be borderline overweight. Is that a bad thing? Obviously, it depends on your point of view. I do not think it is a bad thing. It seems reasonable to assume that she would want to be a little thinner, but if that is the case, why isn’t she doing something about it? I have no idea.

Some people cannot lose weight. I am not saying it is impossible for her to lose weight, but has she really tried losing weight? If she has and was not successful, it might have discouraged her from trying again. People get frustrated quickly and come to a conclusion that they cannot lose weight at all. I hope she tries again.

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