Mindy Kaling Fat

Mindy Kaling Fat

Is Mindy Kaling fat? Is Mindy Kaling fat or overweight? Is Mindy Kaling fat or obese? There has been a lot of talk lately about Mindy Kaling’s weight and Mindy Kaling’s weight gain, but are these rumors true? Assuming they are true, it is easy to understand why some people would think that she is fat. Do I personally think that Mindy Kaling is fat? No, I do not.

That having been said, she does appear to be a little overweight. Here is what she said recently: “Isn’t refreshing to see an unconventionally attractive, chubby woman of color running a TV show?” So it seems she thinks that she is “chubby.” Isn’t chubby a cute way of saying fat? Maybe. Maybe not. Does she need to lose weight? In my opinion, she needs to lose 10 pounds. On the other hand, maybe being chubby is her thing. Would she still be “an unconventionally attractive” as a skinny chick?

I think so. I do not think her attractiveness has anything to do with her weight. Some people would probably disagree, but who cares, right? I know it is a cliche, but in her case it is true. She is attractive because of her sense of humor and personality. It has nothing to do with her weight or ethnicity. [source: OK!]

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