Miley Cyrus: Diet and Workout

Miley Cyrus: Diet and WorkoutShe’s only 14 years old, but Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus already has the ultimate Hollywood accessory – a celebrity personal trainer.

And not just any trainer, she got Harley Pasternak, author of The 5-Factor Diet and The 5-Factor Fitness.

Now that she’s the center of so much attention, Miley has become more aware of her appearance, so that’s why she recently hired Harley Pasternak, to whip her into shape.

“She obviously doesn’t need to lose weight, she just wants to look great. She’s very motivated,” a pal says. Cyrus is following Harley’s 5-Factor Fitness and Diet plans. [source: In Touch]

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16 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: Diet and Workout”

  1. Alex Says:

    I think shes cute the way she is and doesn’t need to be hiring celebrity trainers and what not.
    She better not turn out like Britney!

  2. Elle Says:

    What’s funny is I think she looked thinner before she hired the trainer…

  3. Amelia Says:

    the thing is ‘elle’ that as her trainer quoted she ‘obviouly dosent need to lose weight’ so why are you going on about weight lose and skinny-ness when all shes trying to do is get healthy and if being healthy means gaining a few pounds.. DEAL WITH IT because its not your life!

  4. Alexandra Says:

    I think it’s great she’s trying to get healthy. I saw her diet in a magazin and think that its a great healthy diet where you can eat good food that tasts great!
    I’m even going on it to get helthyer and loose some weight but for Miley I think Amelia’s right!

  5. emily Says:

    i think that miley cyrus is alredy skinny and i think she is the stupiest bich in the world by

  6. chantel petit-dann Says:

    i think miley should not hire a trainer she already friggin skinny
    and thats not good its grouse

  7. 0854 Says:

    i think miley is perfect but it doesnt mean cuz she is skinny dat means she cant have a personal trainer

  8. Natalie Says:

    I think her weight is just right, but she can still have a trainer, b/c she just wants to make sure she’s not gonna get overweight. Excersize can be beneficial on so many levels, not just with weight. I think it’s good she wants to take care of herself.

  9. Emily Says:

    She looks fine I think she just wants to STAY in shape and not really loose weight but to gain muscle and be fit…

  10. Selena Gomez Says:

    iam Selena gomez and I think Miley looks like a bitch.

  11. Annie Says:

    I think that shes a spoilt bitch but even though I’m not overweight I’d like to have my own personal trainer. Every decent girl watches what she eats –deal with it!

  12. Katie Says:

    Yall are so mean. Miley Cyrus is like totally skinny and pretty. Don’t be calling her a b****. She’s a really good singer too. Yall are just jealous oviously

  13. Joyy Says:

    If Miley wants to have personal trainer she should have one. It must be really hard being a celebrity, everyone feels unhappy about parts of their body and she probably does too. So give her a break because if everyone was looking at you all the time you would want a personal trainer too!

  14. Irina Says:

    Well in my own opinion Miley is very pretty and she obviously only wants to stat toned and in shape. People tell me the same thing when I tell them that I want to lose weight. They think I am crazy but hey its my body so I want to take care of it. Being 16 is fun and thats why I spend about 3 hours a day working out. Miley has every right to have a personal trainer. Thats how I feel about it.

  15. Tab Says:

    Getting in shape doesn’t mean she’s going to lose weight! It means building muscle; therefore, it makes you gain weight and working out is not just to keep weight off, it’s to attain the most healthiest self and live a long and happy life to your personal best potential!

  16. selena Says:

    i love snickers and pickles too much to go on a diet or something. i think that when you are like 16 or something you don’t need to work out or eat healthy because you are still young. enjoy life! that’s what i’m doing.

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