Mike Sorrentino Shirtless

Mike Sorrentino Shirtless

Mike Sorrentino shirtless – hot or not? Mike Sorrentino shirtless vs. Justin Bieber shirtless – is it a fair comparison? No, it is not. Mike Sorrentino’s shirtless look raises more questions than it answers. He is clearly one of those guys who does not need an increased testosterone levels, but the questions is: Has he read the muscle milk review?

Why do I ask? Because Mike Sorrentino shirtless looks like muscle milk, don’t you think? He should be their spokesperson. That said, I know that Mike Sorrentino’s shirtless look is controversial. You know what I am talking about, right? And no, I do not think he is using anything other heavy weights and his diet, but the rumors are out there.

Why would people allege that he is using something other than weights and dieting to look the way he does? Because Mike Sorrentino’s shirtless appearance is simply awesome, and some people are jealous of that. His personality is a bit obsessive and crass, but when it comes to muscle developments, he got one of the best bodies in Hollywood today.

What say you – Mike Sorrentino shirtless – does he need to gain even more muscle mass? Does he need to drink muscle milk? I think his arms, chest and midsection are pretty much perfect. His legs, however, need a lot more work. [source: Star]

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