Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

Did Mickey Rourke have plastic surgery? You decide…the bad boy actor, may no longer be Hollywood royalty – but he just might be the king of celebrity plastic surgery. “It’s possible that he’s had a chin implant,” says NYC-based plastic surgeon Geoffrey Tobias, M.D., not to mention cheek implants.

A poorly maintained face-lift is also likely, adds Dr. Tobias, because “the lines go backwards and up toward the ears on a diagonal – telltale signs of face-lift surgery that’s deteriorating somewhat.” One thing is clear; Mickey Rourke’s plastic surgery is an example of what not to do. [source: Star]

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  1. Matteo Says:

    Of course he did, it’s well known that he had a car accident that disfigured him.
    And even before that, he praticed professional boxing for a few years.
    So, it’s obvious he had to because he tried to get back his old face, but the result is very poor.

  2. Margy Says:

    I saw him last week and he looked pretty good. Slimmer, he lost the 35 Lbs he put on for ‘The Wrestler’ and he did look like he had slimmed down his nose so I would guess he had had plastic surgery but he looked better than this photo.

  3. Seana Says:

    He looks fines I think we need to remember he’s no spring chicken anymore remember the guy is close to 60 now give him a break! Yes when he was younger he was a hot peice, but I know it can be hard to deal with getting older my father was a good looking man and still is but he too is close to 60 now and he feels a little down and is looking for some improvment. Mickey just had the money to do something about it I think most people would if they could afford it.

  4. Kathleen Says:

    You are comparing a picture of Rourke from the 80’s to a picture of Rourke about twenty years later. Time takes a toll on everyone. Mickey had his face bashed in from boxing. His nose has been broken multiple times, he’s lost some teeth, and he also had his cheek broken. He had surgery and dentistry to repair all this. He probably had other work too , but I think the way Mickey has lived his life is the thing not to do.

    Anyways he is still a great actor and I can’t wait to see his new movie The Wretler.

  5. trisha Says:

    Who cares what he looks like! He is Mickey Rourke! He will always be a hottie in my mind! Enough said.

  6. teresa Says:

    i agree with trisha who cares what he looks like!

  7. Jan Says:

    Mickey is my type a guy. I am about the same age and live the life. This means that you might look rough every now and then. Mickey has always been my favorite. I cannot wait to se him in the wrestler.

    Way to go man!!!

  8. joe bixby Says:

    Mickey rourke is nuttier than a pet coon. He was a nice piece of gateau in the outsiders but in the wrestler he looks like the result of maria’s brownies.

  9. debbie Says:

    I have always been a fan of Mickey’s i’ve loved every movie he has been in he ia still a hottie. I so glad he has come back to movies.

  10. Harry Balsac Says:

    I think he is dreamy!!

  11. Marissa Says:

    Whatever… Mickey Rourke is Mickey Rourke… The name that will live forever… beauty fades, we are not getting any younger that’s reality…

  12. Marissa Says:

    Mickey Rourke is such a good actor and we can’t change that… wether he had a surgery or not it doesn’t matter… he will remain sexy.

  13. Dan Says:

    Guess what guys? Being a Pro fighter will bust up your face.

    He’s wonderful, and he deserves the awards he’s getting

  14. Susan Says:

    I’m a 40-year-old woman from Boston and not much beats Boston Boys – but Mickey Rourke DOES.

    Someone here said he’s 60 – but my God – he’s 52! He is absolutely a sexy man still, and that’s what I like. I could care less about his looks, which I still like too. People say things they don’t know the reasons for – like him being “drunk” at the Golden Globes and tripping up the stairs to get his award. The truth is that his knees are shot from high school football and then took a further beating from his training for The Wrestler.

    Anyway, I really dig him.

  15. OLGADIVA Says:

    You are seriously comparing a pictures more than 20 years difference. Take your own pictures…compare them, you would not even recognize you are the same person.

    Mickey is still sexy to me, and I’m in my early 30’s. I’ve always loved him… since 9 1/2 weeks.

  16. PattyMaxx Says:

    I have always been a fan of Mickey! It isn’t just about what’s on the outside it is also what’s on the inside. He is still a very sexy man….like a fine aged wine,until you have walked in anothers shoes I do not think you should be so quick to judge. We have all made bad choices in life that we have had to live with. But they do not make us less a person. This a warm hearted kind man and I am so happy to see him back in the game…….and I wish him well ….

  17. Bonnie Says:

    I’ve always been and am still a fan. I do have to say, though, that I saw him on Craig Ferguson (or was it Letterman?) show, and he seemed to have problems mentally. I don’t mean that to make fun of him. He just didn’t have it all together. Maybe some damage from boxing, or whatever he might be drinking, or just a bit slow. I just don’t know. Something just wasn’t right. People do need to get real and stop the cruelty that pervades the boards on the web though. Geez. He HAS definitely taken the rough road jumping back into pro boxing and busting himself up really bad, car wreck, fast living. And, yes, modesty has never been his virtue, but that’s what made him who he is in his success in the movies he’s been in. The bad boy is sexy. In spite of everything, I still think he’s hot too.

  18. gizmo Says:

    There is no finer actor than mickey rourke period. He is the most and maybe the only interesting actor in hollywood.
    Perhaps he was prettier 20 yrs ago, but man he is still the sexiest man alive!!
    CHARISMA!!!non like it anywhere an original.
    People make fun of his clothes too, ithink he has got style, i love the way he dresses, so much fun. He is the epitome of COOL!!!! go mickey!

  19. Neil Says:

    A modern day Brando and the best actor alive today!
    A unique character and a breath of fresh air!

  20. cejan Says:

    what happened to the fine looking man?

  21. susan hill Says:

    went and see The Wrestler last night, what a brilliant film, Micky Rourke was great …. such a shame about his plastic surgery he was a handsome guy, didnt need the surgery…

  22. Tonya Says:

    Mickey Rourke looks like he’s been rode hard and put away wet. In other words he looks like total hell

  23. Art Montague Says:

    Nothing negative anyone can say about Mickey Rourke diminishes my liking for him as an actor and as a man who turned his life around. He is an inspiration.

  24. donna rozensky Says:


  25. Stefi Says:

    Mickey will always be hot to me!! My heart went out to him when i found out he’d been in a black hole these last several years & his precious doggies helped him from going over the edge! You totally rock, Mickey!!! i love u!

  26. Ioan Says:

    “no longer hollywood royalty”

    laughing the other side of a cosmetically re-arranged face now eh? Rourke for the best actor as the Oscars.

  27. pattidiane Says:

    He’s a hot sexy babe who loves women.
    He was amazing in “The Wrestler” and he deserves all of
    the attention and awards. I’m hoping he takes the Oscar
    home tonight.
    He was so adorable when he won the Golden Globe. He did
    not appear to be anything but in slight shock for having won.
    Drunk? I don’t think so. He is a one of a kind kind of guy
    and he can give me a call anytime.
    Lastly, I adore the way he loves his animals. A softy heart
    in a big strong guy. sigh

  28. Tina Says:

    everytime I see how much he has changed I cringe!! Usually stars age gracefully,,,but not this man. I dont care how rough his life is…everyone has a rough life. Thats one ugly man I wouldnt want to see walking down a dark street at nite! Good thing he can act….cause thats all he has going for him.

  29. roctuff Says:

    the mick from a guys perspective is that he was and always will be a guys guy.
    says things without pussy footin around. mans up to his mistakes and reading the article from men’s journal as he puts it ; their are very few actors in the industry that
    can perform like he does. a modern day method actor simply put brando catergory.

  30. rose burdette Says:

    Mickey is one good actor and has much to offer and has already given much of himself in all of the characters he has portrayed in his movies. HE has much sex appeal and is still my kind of gentleman. (Perhaps not as some would think because he says it like it is) Way to go Mickey.

    Hope to see Mickey in more movies soon.

  31. SADIE THE LADY Says:

    Hey Mickey is the man! If he is really wearing his heart on his sleeve and not just tugging at our heartstrings, he’s got me wrapped around his damn finger. My best friend was watching the Barbara Walter’s interview and she called me afterward saying that it was like watching me being interviewed. HA!
    He is and always will define the highest most iconic spirit for this biz. NO LUMP OF GOLD could ever offer an accurate depiction of the man at hand.

    Mickey is the man who is gonna go on unforgettable.
    hugs and kisses to all!
    Love Sadie (also a wrestler, but one with a vagina) Hehehe!

  32. Danielle Says:

    I didn’t know Mickey Rourke before I saw the movie The Wresler eventhough I have 52 years old. I tell you, this man is one of the sexiest I have seen. Not only because of his body but also in his eyes and by his personality. I do not care he had surgery, he will always be a sexy man. I have liked very much the interview he had with Barbara Walters. I wish him other movies or whatever is dream is. I hope I will have the pleasure to see him again in an other movie and fall in love again for an other 1h30 like …… a 20 years old woman ….

  33. Cindy Says:

    I prefer the older Mickey to the 80’s pretty boy. In The Wrestler, he stole and broke my heart. He’s still got those coal black eyes and that charisma… I’d jam that ram anytime.

  34. jcivbivbui Says:

    Mickey is the man no matter what he looks like. Hes the most talented actor of his generation and one of the very greatests along with Brando. Hes very wild and intense. he should have won the oscar. He was robbed!
    He has more charima on one of his nails that the whole Pitt-Clooney-Damon-etc crowd

  35. Heidi D Says:

    Personally Micky is better looking now 2011 than when he was younger. Micky got those sexy eyes and lips to die for. Well I never met him, so for the rest can not comment on. Micky is my favourite actor, a warrior.

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