Metamucil Weight Loss

Metamucil Weight Loss

Metamucil and weight loss – what is the connection? Metamucil’s weight loss powers have been praised by many people who claim that Metamucil has helped them lose weight. Some of the claims are wild and seem exaggerated, but the question remains: Can Metamucil help you lose weight? Can Metamucil help you lose 20 pounds in twenty days or less, for example?

How Metamucil’s weight loss works, in theory On the surface, Metamucil’s weight loss works because a lot of people seem to believe that fiber aids weight loss. And since Metamucil is a fiber supplement, the thinking goes that adding fiber to your diet helps reduce hunger, which helps consume less calories.

But if Metamucil’s weight loss is the real deal, we should not have any overweight people. Fiber supplements have been around for a long time. Metamucil is just a fiber supplement; it is not really a revolutionary fiber blend that people have not seen before, it is not that different from many other fiber supplements.

Do not get me wrong, I like fiber supplements. Personally, I prefer Benefiber. Bloating issues aside, for heavy duty “scrubbing,” nothing beats pure psyllium husk powder, but they are all inherently inferior to fiber found in vegetables and fruits in its natural form, which bring me to my next point.

Fiber supplements do not aid weight loss. The Metamucil’s weight loss claims that you often hear from people are just that, claims. And while consuming enough fiber is obviously important, it is just one component of what makes a diet healthy and balanced.

The best way to get your fiber is from a diet, a diet that recommends eating vegetables three times a day and fruits two times a day. If you do that in addition to consuming healthy fats and protein, you do not need to use fiber supplements. Oh, and you should not have any problems losing weight either.

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