Metabolism Miracle Diet

Metabolism Miracle Diet

“The Metabolism Miracle Diet” promises a lot, but does it really deliver? Before I answer this question, let me clarify one thing. “The Metabolism Miracle Diet” is my description of a book called The Metabolism Miracle by Dianne Kress.

Why have I altered the title? Because The Metabolism Miracle really does not want to be about dieting or diets, it claims that diets do not work, and yet in the final analysis, I could only come to one conclusion: The Metabolism Miracle is really a diet. So, I think it is only appropriate to describe this book as “The Metabolism Miracle Diet,” except there is just one thing: the “miracle” part is rather puzzling.

There is nothing miraculous about the fact that a balanced structured diet usually produces incredible results. I am not only talking about weight loss, I am talking about your overall health.

As for the “metabolism” part, sure, when it comes to losing weight, your metabolism does all the work, but the metabolism only works if you make it work. And if your metabolism is “broken,” if, for example, you have been overweight for many years and have diabetes to boot, do not count on your metabolism to pull out any miracles. You need to fix it first. How do you “fix” your metabolism? This question brings me to my next point.

How “The Metabolism Miracle Diet” works I do not want to oversimplify things and diminish the value of the very useful and quality information contained in this book, but at the end of the day, the whole thing pretty much boils down to one thing – carbohydrates. Specifically, as it has been known for years – if you want to be healthy, feel great, and lose weight – you have to control the quality and the quantity of carbs you consume. Sure – other things such as exercise – for example, matter, a lot, but if you do not eat a good variety of nutritious foods, and if you do not control your carbohydrates intake, no amount of exercise is going to help you lose weight effectively.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that “The Metabolism Miracle Diet” is just another low-carb diet. Not at all, but it does spend a considerable amount of time on the subject of carbohydrates, and its dieting approach pays a close attention to the quality and the quantity of carbs it recommends.

Can “The Metabolism Miracle Diet” help you lose weight? Absolutely, I believe so. Of course, you need to understand that nobody can guarantee that this or that eating plan will work all the time for all people, but I like this book. The Metabolism Miracle is a great book for someone who wants to lose weight and get in shape. It is not perfect, but it lays out a straightforward approach to weight loss that I think should be easy to follow for most people.

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  1. Penelope Says:

    After reading the Metabolism Miracle, I kept wondering, “what the hell is so miraculous?” It appears to be a fairly good program, well researched and presented. I embraced the DIET because I was having a hard time losing weight with carbs and fruit in my routine. So far, I am feeling pretty great, which I did not feel with the Atkins Diet. We shall see about the MIRACLE part – adding carbs and not gaining weight, that is…

  2. Linda Says:

    I have hit the over 40 change and the weight came with it. No big deal count calories kick the exercise up a few notches and it comes off like before. NOPE! I gained more. I went on the MM and have lost inches from my head to my toes. A quarter inch on my ankles. 15lbs. I’m almost thru my first 8 weeks. Feel good and my energy has returned. My sister (recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes)went on the MM and her sugar levels have dropped. Something she was unable to do with diet and exercise. I think there is a metabolism B and it is in my family because it works for us. I truly thank GOD for bringing this book to me because all the Doc could say was diet and exercise.

  3. Pierre Says:

    I have embraced this diet. After months of working out and eating like a rabbit I couldn’t lose any weight! The scale would not drop-after going on this diet-I have lost an additional 10kgs and it’s made all the difference!

  4. Diane Says:

    After NEVER gaining weight no matter what I ate until my early fourties, I packed on 5-10 pounds a year and could not lose it. I started at 169 and lost 17 lb. in the first 2 months. Plus I feel good and do not crave sweets. My husband saw my results and started on this eating plan. He also has had great success.

  5. Sheila Says:

    I am tired of eating almonds and cheese. HELP

  6. Graham Says:

    I started the program 12 weeks ago and I have lost 37 pounds. I tried for years to lose weight by exercise and low fat diets, nothing happened. Since losing the weight I feel like a new person. I have more energy, my blood pressure has dropped and I am a nicer person to be around, and I look great! Thanks, Matabolism Miracle.

  7. Ankia Says:

    I am past my first 8 weeks, and have lost a total of 13.5 kg about 29.7 pounds. I feel great.

  8. Melody Says:

    I love this diet-I’m 64 and was having a terrible time losing weight. I have been on this diet for 14 weeks and have lost 30lbs and so many inches, I can’t believe it. I have not cheated one time. I no longer have to have high carb foods and fear eating them because of the richness and think it would make me sick. I am at a stand still, even though I look great and would be very happy here, I still would like to get down a little more. I’m exercising, eating appropriately and doing all that I’m suppose to do. Do you reach a point where you are suppose to be and keep toning or what? Am I just too impatient? I do have faith in this and will continue in step 2 until I get where I want to be. This is a miracle diet and thank you for developing this. Can’t wait to check my cholesterol in Feb. I can’t take the meds.

  9. Michelle Says:

    I read the book and bought the cookbook too and have been on step one for 4 days, the second day, I almost passed out at work due to my body adjusting to everything. I am so confused as to how many carbs per main meal I am allowed to have and how many per each snack I am allowed to have. Everyone else seems to get how this all works but not me. :( I do feel so much better and I can feel my body changing for the better. The book fits me perfectly, it’s like they have know me all my life. I have never been slim and am really looking forward to a brand new happy me, I am 52 years old.

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