Meryl Streep Weight Gain

Meryl Streep Weight Gain

Meryl Streep‘s weight gain is so not French. What is wrong with Meryl Streep’s weight gain? French women are known for their apparent inability to gain weight despite eating foods that are high in fat and calories.

But Meryl Streep gained 15 pounds while filming Julie and Julia. In the movie, she plays the legendary Julia Child. Child was not exactly a fitness model, far from it, but I do not think she was not overweight – okay, maybe just a little.

So how did Streep gain weight? She ate tarte tatin, chocolate cake, roast chicken, soup, lobster thermidor and other savory French foods.

The bottom line on Meryl Streep’s weight gain The moral of this story seems pretty straightforward – if you do not eat in moderation, French food or not, you will gain weight. Portion control matters, a lot, remember that. [source: People]

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  1. Wow Says:

    Meryl didn’t have the option of portion control because of the clear instructions she received from her director – “eat and look like you’re absolutely in love with the food.” Meryl being the actress that would never do things half way did exactly as told. Don’t make comments about people’s weight, for one it’s not kind, and two, evidently you were without background information that would allow for you to make an educated, well-rounded statement.

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