Men’s Health Reuses the Same Cover

Men's Health Reuses the Same Cover

Does Men’s Health magazine reuse the same cover lines? Busted! They do. In fact, as you can see, they have used an exactly the same cover lines from October 2007 on its December 2009 issue. What is going on here? Have they run out of things to say? How many times do we need to read about yet another unrealistic six-packs abs program?

I mean, most people should know by now that reduction of belly fat is only possible with weight loss. You can work on your six-pack abs all you want, but if you are overweight, you will never have visible abs. As for “Your Ultimate Cardio Plan” line, if you are currently working on losing weight or if you like to challenge yourself, the only cardio you really need is the fat-burning cardio workout.

Anyway, as it turns out, according to the magazine’s editor, they use one cover for the newsstand and another for subscribers. It is not clear whether or not they do this all the time or only from time to time. I do not think they use different covers all the time, but it probably happens more often than we think. [via]

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