Maureen McCormick: Weight Loss and Diet

Maureen McCormick: Weight Loss and DietIn her teens, Maureen McCormick dealt with bulimia and cocaine addiction.

In 2005, at the age of 50, she started turning to food to cope with her mother’s death, her distant relationship with her dad, and her brother, Dennis, being put in a home for people with mental disabilities.

After three years of struggling with extra pounds on her petite 5’3″ frame, Maureen spoke candidly to OK! magazine about her amazing weight loss, diet, and how she’s keeping the weight off for good.

What made you decide to take part in Celebrity Fit Club?

I had never done a reality show and I met with the producers and thought, “How humiliating that someone thinks that I’m really overweight.” I knew about the pedestal shots and I thought there’s just no way I could do that.

But honestly, it was a really freeing experience. It was like, “You know what, Mo, this is you. You’re a human being, you’ve got problems and it’s okay to be me.” I’m proud of it! I’m so proud of being 50!

Describe your diet and your fitness routine now.

My fitness routine is three or four days a week. I do running, kickboxing, or swimming and crunches – which I hate. I’d never done crunches in my life. I hate stomach exercises!

Food-wise, I’m pretty much a vegetarian. Breakfast is usually oatmeal, yogurt or a piece of fruit. Lunch is brown rice with garbanzo beans, a salad or a veggie burger.

And dinner is usually a salad, chicken salad, or more brown rice and garbanzo beans. I’m pretty simple the way I eat. I watch portion size, portion is a big thing.

What did you indulge in before?

Ice cream, cookies, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! I still have a sweet tooth, but I control it now. I have found that instead of going for chocolate all the time, I’ll go for a ginger snap, raisin or a piece of fruit.

One of the biggest things that has helped me has been frozen grapes. Those are amazing – they’re like eating a Popsicle.

How did you feel when you were heavy?

I was tired and depressed all the time. I didn’t feel good about myself. I had no confidence and I felt ashamed that I was not taking good care of myself. I felt awful in clothes.

I would wake up and not want to get dressed, so I would just stay in pajamas or sweats. I wore a lot of big, Indian clothing, big tops, big skirts and big elastic pants.

What are you most looking forward to dressing up in now that you’ve lost weight?

Just sexy, fun stuff. I love going out at night. I love going out with my husband and going to dinner and feeling pretty.

What was your size before the show, and how does it compare to where you are now?

I was a size 10 or 12, and at my heaviest I [weighed] 154. Now I’m a 2 or a 4 and [weigh] 116.

Do your Brady co-stars know about Celebrity Fit Club?

They do; they’re all really supportive. I just saw them at the TV Land Awards. It was like no time had passed at all. Florence [Henderson, her Brady Bunch mom] was really proud of me.

Do you think your weight loss would have been as successful if you had done it on your own?

It was so much better on TV! I think every person in the world should go on TV and lose weight. I had this family of people helping me; we would call each other every night. Everyone was so supportive.

Do you currently work out with a trainer?

I do. I’m 50 and it’s not as easy as it used to be. I want to stay in good shape and feel healthy. [via]

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    Maureen is and always will be HOT!! I bought her new book, though it won’t be out til october! can’t wait to read it! I love you Maureen!! xo

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    Maureen you look great – what an inspiration!

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