Maureen McCormick Lost 50 Pounds

Maureen McCormick Lost 50 Pounds

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Maureen McCormick lost 50 pounds – does anyone care? The fact that Maureen McCormick lost 50 pounds makes me happy, but how many times does she need to lose weight? The reason I ask is because she has been unable to maintain the lost weight for longer than I care to remember, which begs the following question: Has she finally learned how to lose weight once and for all?

I am not talking about learning how to lose 10 pounds here and there only to gain even more weight. I am talking about losing weight permanently, which can only be done if one learns how to eat healthy without depriving yourself. From a recent interview with here, it sounds like she is doing much better now, but I do not know if she has really learned anything, only time will tell. Speaking of said interview, if you want to know how Maureen McCormick lost 50 pounds, here is what she had to say on this subject.

When did you decide to get healthy? Last summer. I truly looked like I had totally let myself go. It’s been a really long, slow, but very natural and healthy journey.

When you did Celebrity Fit Club in 2007, did you think you’d stay slim forever? I really did. But it happened very quickly, then all of a sudden, I’m back in real life and there were a lot of things I didn’t learn.

Did you start yo-yo dieting after the show? It was kind of a yo-yo when I was younger, but this time I was just slowly going up. I got to a point where I couldn’t tie my shoes and it was really scary.

Have you tried diets that didn’t work? A lot – the protein diet, veggie diet, papaya diet, shakes…

Are you still against plastic surgery? I’ve thought about it. A dermatologist told me, “You need Botox here and there.” But I was too scared, so I didn’t do it.

How hard was it to lose weight this time? Hard. I just had to stay focused. It wasn’t like being in your 20s and trying to lose five pounds. I’ve never had a strong core and it feels really good to be building those muscles up.

What’s your diet like now? I’m really into vegetarian stuff. I love beans and rice. I love chicken if it’s organic. For a while, I was eating a lot of turkey burgers on a bed of lettuce with some cranberries to add a little sweetness. I’ve really gone for the wheat-free, gluten-free snacks, mainly fruit and vegetables and nuts. I totally gave up coffee, which I never thought I could do. I haven’t had any alcohol in so long and it feels so good. I feel younger than I’ve felt in years.

How much exercise do you do? Six days a week. When I started out, I was too heavy to run, so I started walking. I have a treadmill at home and I didn’t want people to see me heavy, then I finally went, “I’m just going to get out there.” Now I feel like I’m really balanced between outdoor and gym. I’ve fallen in love with Pilates. It’s better than chocolate! [via]

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