Maureen McCormick: Celebrity Fit Club Tips

Maureen McCormick: Celebrity Fit Club TipsContinued from Maureen McCormick: Weight Loss and Diet.

Maureen McCormic surpassed her weight loss goals on Celebrity Fit Club with the help of fitness trainer Harvey Walden. Harvey tells OK! magazine that it’s all about finding your own personal motivator.

Whether it’s for health reasons or to get into a pair of jeans, he says we all have something that makes us want to get in shape. Here are some ways Harvey motivates people to get off the couch and get started on a path to weight loss.

Find a Friend. If you have someone who has the same goals as you do, you will keep each other honest and motivated.

Make a Goal. Get those jeans or that bathing suit and try them on once a week. Just seeing it fit better and better will keep you on track.

Long-Term Weight Loss Results. Think about the end result. Picture yourself being more fit and energetic. You’ll look better, feel younger and ultimately live longer!

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