Matthew McConaughey Weight

Matthew McConaughey Weight

Matthew McConaughey‘s weight – healthy or not? Is Matthew McConaughey’s weight going down? Is Matthew McConaughey’s weight going up? What is Matthew McConaughey’s weight? Matthew McConaughey’s weight has been all over the place and Matthew McConaughey’s weight loss has been nothing short of amazing, but not in a good way. I mean, he lost a lot of weight for a movie, so he had to do it, but he just looks scary skinny.

Given what we know about Matthew McConaughey’s diet and Matthew McConaughey’s workout, I am not worried. He has always been healthy and he knows exactly what to do to stay in shape, but losing so much weight is not easy on a body, so now, after starving himself, he is slowly gaining the lost weight back. At his lowest, he was 135 pounds.

Since that time, he has gained 30 pounds. His current weight is around 160 pounds. What is he doing to gain weight? He eats cheeseburgers. I am sure his overall weigh gain diet is pretty healthy, but during the weight loss, he missed eating cheeseburgers the most. Does he have a goal weight in mind? Yes, he does. His goal weight is 165 pounds, which seems a little low for him. He looked bigger before weight loss, but hey, he knows better. As long as he feels great and looks healthy, I do not really care what his goal weight is. [source: OK!]

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