Mary Murphy Weight Loss

Mary Murphy Weight Loss

Mary Murphy‘s weight loss is a shocker. Okay, if you think about it, Mary Murphy’s weight loss is not a total surprise. She is one of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance, my favorite show, and she was the only one visibly overweight, which clearly did not look good, especially if it is true that the camera adds about 10 pounds.

I actually expected her to lose weight; I just thought it would happen sooner. That said, Mary Murphy’s weight loss of 30 pounds is something she should be proud of, given the fact that she has lost weight over a year ago and was able to maintain the lost weight thus far.

Will she able to keep the lost weight off for more than a year? I do not know, it really depends on her eating habits, but I think she will maintain her weight loss for at least another season of So You Think You Can Dance and hopefully a lot longer. [source: Us Weekly]

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  1. mary murphy Says:

    My name is also Mary Murphy, I recently lost fifty five pounds!! I feel great. I was always a stay at home mom with four children 8,18,22,26 and recently a grammy of 12 week old girl. In october 07 went to school to be a medical clinical assistant. I got a fulltime job in June of 08. My life had changed, I really cared about the way I was looking and was ready for a change. In Jan. of 09 I started the change of my eating life style. It helped that we had a biggest loser contest at work and a great Doctor with some great advise who I work for. In Five months I lost fifty five pounds and feel great. I get alot of respect and comments. I feel like a whole new person going from a 22-24w to a medium or size 10. I have been mantaining since May I havent lost any more but most important I havent gained!!! I am enjoying life and food . Eating health makes me feel health!! LOL


    Mary Murphy

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