Mary Kate Olsen Smoking

Mary Kate Olsen Smoking

Mary-Kate Olsen smoking – disgusting or hot? And here is another question: Who looks hotter Mary-Kate Olsen smoking or Christina Applegate smoking? My opinion? Revolting, in both cases!

But Mary-Kate Olsen isn’t exactly known for being a health nut. “MK used to smoke up to four packs of Marlboro Reds every day, but she stopped a few weeks ago,” says a source. “She feels so much better.” And cigarettes are not the only thing she has put down.

“She cut way back on her drinking. She has a glass of wine here and there but nothing like before,” notes the source, who adds that Ashley‘s twin is also working out in New York City with a trainer at Club H, attending daily one-hour sessions at Yoga to the People and riding her bike. [via]

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