Mary-Kate Olsen Might Be Anorexic

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Is Mary-Kate Olsen Anorexic? According to Star magazine, women with eating disorders often wear loose-fitting, button-down shirts and layer T-shirts underneath to bulk up and they carry large purses to cover up a small waistline.

Loose maternity-style dresses and tops and clothes with bold patterns help camouflage pin-thin bodies. Bangles and cuffs draw attention from super skinny arms.

Note: It was 75 degrees in L.A. on the day Mary-Kate Olsen wore this fur. Anorexics are often cold.

Platform shoes do not elongate the legs the way stilettos do, boots hide super-skinny calves, big sunglasses hide sunken cheeks and ponchos cover up just about everything.

mary kate olsen eating disorder

What is Mary-Kate Olsen Hiding?

Two young women who have battled weight issues talked to Star about how girls with eating disorders often hide their scary skinny bodies with their clothing choices.

“They often resort to layering,” one explained. “It helps a girl look less unhealthy and more bulky.”

Psychologist Dr. Robert Butterworth says the actress could also be wearing body-disguising clothes because “she’s embarrassed by her weight loss, or conversely, she thinks she’s fat and wants to hide it.”

Another reason? She may be cold. Dr. David Martorano says anorexics wear bulky items to stay warm since they have no insulating fat, and their bodies even grow “a fine layer of hair to keep heated!” [source: Star Magazine]

Note: None of the experts quoted in this story have treated Mary-Kate Olsen.

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