Mary-Kate Olsen: Anorexic or Thin?

Mary-Kate Olsen: Anorexic or Thin?Is Mary-Kate Olsen anorexic or just too thin? I don’t know, she clearly looks very thin, but her friends fear that she’s in trouble.

Life & Style is reporting that when Mary-Kate Olsen arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala on May 7, onlookers were shocked by what her plunging neckline revealed.

“The bones in her chest were completely sticking out,” describes a witness about what’s been worrying the star’s friends and family for weeks.

“But Mary-Kate just doesn’t seem to see what everyone else does,” says a pal of Mary-Kate Olsen’s.

At roughly 85 pounds, 5-foot-2 Mary-Kate’s problem is clear, especially to those who helped her through her 2004 stint in rehab for an eating disorder.

Even if she’s not anorexic again, “she’s not at her strongest emotionally now, and it’s taking a physical toll,” says the pal, who claims the ups and downs of MK’s romance with Max Snow, have contributed to her possible weight loss.

(Others claim Mary-Kate Olsen hasn’t lost any weight recently.) “Her way of dealing with stress is not to eat. It’s a coping mechanism.” And a common one, says eating-disorder specialist Ira Sacker, who does not treat Mary-Kate. “Anxiety is one of the primary causes of relapse,” he says.

Mary-Kate bristles at the suggestion that she might be anorexic again. “Even when Ashley asks if she’s lost weight, MK acts offended,” says a pal.

“Anorexia is not something that just goes away,” explains an insider, who adds, “Mary-Kate has a support group including nutritionists” to address her problem. “It’s something she’s always going to have to deal with.” [via]

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