Marilyn Monroe Diet and Workout

Marilyn Monroe Diet and Workout

Marilyn Monroe‘s diet and workout was hardcore. Yes, believe it or not, Marilyn Monroe’s diet and workout was so old-school that it puts the dietary habits of today’s bodybuilders to shame, not all of them, of course.

In 1952, the September issue of Pageant magazine has published Monroe’s article “How I Stay in Shape,” in which she revealed the details of her diet and workout.

Marilyn Monroe’s diet deconstructed Her diet was very high in protein and fat and very low in carbohydrates. Raw eggs, cooked eggs, meat and liver were her primary sources of protein and fat. Raw carrots and milk were her primary sources of carbohydrates. Oh, and she was practically addicted to the hot fudge sundaes, but do not think she was indulging in it on the regular basis.

Marilyn Monroe’s workout Frankly, her exercise routine was lacking in substance. Okay, it sucked, big time. She pretty much did dumbbell flyes and that is about it, but hey, who cares, right? I am not complaining; she looked stunning anyway. [source: Flex]

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  1. Paul Says:

    This is very interesting – I’m a Marilyn fan but didn’t realise she’d ever did an article on her fitness routine. From what I’ve read Marilyn was very healthy in the late 40s, early 50s when she was very focused on acheiving her goals. I’ve seen pictures of her jogging and using weights from this period. I think the incredible thing is that she was actually running or using weights at that time – years before it became the norm for females to do so. Her muscle tone is very apparent in her early classic pin ups. Most likely the combination of her dance, calisthenics, running and weights enhanced her already great figure – I’ve also read that in the mid-late 40s she loved the beach and even tried surfing!

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