Marie Osmond: Weight Loss and Diet

Marie Osmond: Weight Loss and DietSince starting on Dancing With the Stars, Marie Osmond has lost 31 pounds. “I have never been in better shape,” she says. “I feel 10 years younger.” Here is an update on where she is with her diet and weight loss.

How’s the weight loss going? The weight just keeps melting off. I’m down 31 pounds so far. I’ve lost about five inches off my hips and five inches off my waist. I’ve added muscle mass and I am much mote toned. It’s incredible. The show should be called Dancing With the Starved!

How are you feeling? I don’t think I’ve ever been in better shape. My health and energy levels are good. For women, the number-one cause of death is heart disease. My mom died of that, so when this show came along, I thought, “Hey personal trainer!”

Is it hard to stick to a diet? With Dancing With the Stars, I commute to Los Angeles from my home in Utah every week. I had to have food that was convenient. I didn’t want to worry about counting calories or having to keep food frozen or refrigerated. I toss it in my suitcase and away I go.

Do you treat yourself now and again? I allow myself indulgences because I think women need to focus more on how they feel than the number on the scale. When you feel good, you can better deal with all that life throws at you. That makes you a success.

How will you celebrate reaching your goal weight? Not with a pint of vanilla ice cream! I don’t really have a goal weight. My goal is to be around a long, long time for my kids and my future grandchildren. That would be the greatest way to celebrate.

Marie Osmond’s diet Here is a sample of her diet menu: Blueberry pancakes (140 calories), NutriChocolates (150 calories), Cheese and spinach ravioli with meat sauce (270 calories). [via]

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