Mariah Carey Weight Gain

Mariah Carey Weight Gain

Mariah Carey‘s weight gain – surprising or not? Is Mariah Carey fat now? Some would say that Mariah Carey’s weight gain is shocking, not just surprising. Others, me included, think that Mariah Carey’s weight gain is rather harmless. Seriously, what is the big deal about Mariah Carey’s weight gain? And how long until we hear about Mariah Carey’s new weight-loss effort?

I actually think that she looks better now. That extra weight has made her look curvelicious. So how much weight has Mariah Carey gained? Mariah Carey’s weight gain is estimated to be at 25 pounds, which is not a small amount of weight to gain, but it took her about one year to gain 25 pounds, so it is not as bad as gaining the same amount of weight, in, say, three months.

How has Mariah Carey managed to gain 25 pounds? Allegedly, she loves cheese and other foods that are high in fat, calories and simple carbs, which according to an insider she eats all the time. That would, of course, explain why she has gained weight, but I think these claims are bogus. Why? Because people who eat this way gain a lot more than just 25 pounds in one year. [source: Star]

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