Maria Menounos Diet

Maria Menounos Diet

Maria Menounos‘ diet makes me sad. Why? Because Maria Menounos’ diet could be better. What is wrong with Maria Menounos’ diet? The good news is that her diet is not high in calories. The bad news is that the composition of her diet is borderline crazy. Okay, yes, we should not expect much from celebrity diets, and there is no need to follow a celebrity diet to lose weight in one month, but can you really lose 20 pounds in 1 month on your own?

Of course you can lose weight without any help. The question is, however, where did her diet go wrong and what steps does she need to take to make better food choices? Where do I begin? Virtually every aspect of Maria Menounos’ diet needs to change, but let’s take a closer look at an example of how she eats.

Breakfast (about 351 calories) A piece of bagel with cream cheese, orange juice and egg-white omelet. Not bad, minus the orange juice and bagel.

Lunch (about 630 calories) She usually does not eat like this, but at a recent event her lunch was a hot mess. Curry chicken, an oatmeal cookie, potato salad, cucumber salad, and a piece of watermelon.

Snack (about 62 calories) Oranges. She also likes ice cream and Doritos. Has she ever heard of beef jerky, berries or high-fiber protein bars?

Dinner (about 660 calories) Again, hopefully she does not eat like this often, but her recent airport dinner consisted of french fries with a cheeseburger and a Diet Coke to boot. What can I say? They do sell salads at airports.

Total daily calories: About 1,703 calories. [source: OK!]

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