Mandisa Weight Loss

Mandisa Weight Loss

Remember Mandisa from American Idol? Well, Madisa lost a lot of weight. How much weight has Mandisa lost? Mandisa’s weight loss of six dress sizes is a good start. She does not want to reveal her starting weight, which I would estimate to be close to 300 pounds. “I’ll have to lose 150 pounds before I reveal it,” she says.

Madisa’s weight loss of 85 pounds is impressive, but it took her a while to figure out how to lose weight. “If there is a diet out there, I have probably done it. I lost weight on every one, but the minute I stopped, I gained it all back,” she says.

Why has she gained so much weight in the first place? In short, it is a horrible story: she was molested as a child and raped at age 16.”I equated being beautiful with being in danger. When I was heavy, men were not looking at me and I felt safe,” she says.

How Madisa lost weight Madisa’s weight loss is a combination of her work with a personal trainer and smart dieting habits. She focused on proper serving sizes and eating six fiber-filled mini-meals a day. She also pushed herself through 45-minute workouts (think squats, lunges and stair-running) with trainer Tina Jenkins, up to five days a week.

And while she has dropped from a 28 to a 16 dress size in nine months, her goal is to run a 10-minute mile rather than to reach a certain weight. She says, “The fact that I can run a mile is a miracle, because to walk a mile before was difficult.” [via]

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