Madonna’s Scary Arms

Madonna's Scary Arms

Madonna’s arms make me want to eat a double cheeseburger with onion rings. Seriously, after this picture, nobody wants to know how to get Madonna’s arms. So, what is going here?

Has she gone completely over the top with what appears to an unhealthy obsession with being skinny and fit? Yes, you can be too fit and too skinny. It seems that her body fat is below 10 percent (the average is about 22 percent), and she is beginning to look as if she is a dehydrated squid.

Just to be fair, before we jump to any conclusions, it is worth noting that her rep claims the image was manipulated, but the agency that took the picture says, “Not at all. The muscles are accentuated by the way the flash hit her.” “Madonna’s arms simply do not look that way,” says her rep. [source: Us Weekly]

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